Real “Jojoba” pure natural chemical-free carrier oil


Many of the Jojoba essential oils on the market contain preservatives, high-temperature extraction, adding a large number of chemical components, etc. these products not only contain many impurities and may cause irritation to the skin, but also do not have the nutritional value of Jojoba essential oil itself. Our Jojoba essential oil is extracted from the best American Jojoba fruit, which is completely natural and undiluted, no chemical components are added at all, providing the best nutrition and quality to the skin.

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Jojoba oil is a very versatile carrier oil. Its molecular arrangement is very similar to human sebum and is easily absorbed by the skin. Jojoba oil contains natural vitamins that are helpful to the skin. It contains high nourishment collagen and minerals and has an excellent moisturizing effect. It nourishes the deep skin and makes the skin shiny and elastic. It is a universal oil that is very helpful to the skin.

Suitable for:

Those who want to dilute essential oils, want to let essential oils into deeper skin, need to protect the skin, relieve sun damage, need skincare to provide skin nutrition, need to improve skin elasticity, and use for skin massage.

How to use:
  1. Dilute any essential oils directly.
  2. Apply directly to the body’s skin.
  3. Use with lotion.
  4. Use as an incense to relax.
【Violet Twin Flames Jojoba essential oil usage instructions】:

1. The color of essential oil is the natural plants’ color after extraction, it’s normal and the beauty of nature.

2. 100% pure and natural, without any chemical components.

3. You can dilute the essential oil to use according to your own needs, with extremely high purity, keeping the essential oil source effective!

4. Pure natural jojoba oil will crystallize at a temperature of 10 degrees. This is normal. It is recommended to store it in a warm room in winter. If you find that jojoba oil has crystallized, just warm it to a melted state. You can continue to use it without affecting its quality.

5. The scent of the oil may vary slightly depending on the temperature, where it is applied on the body, and the natural body odor of the individual.


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