Flow- Throat Chakra Essential Oil


Nowadays, it is very common for people to have ambitions and words that hard to express, and it is also very difficult to communicate and understand each other’s minds. Many of the problems of people’s blocked meridian are caused by the throat chakra. The energy is stuck in the throat chakra so that it can not reach the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. Therefore, we carefully prepare the Throat Chakra essential oil. There are as many as seven kinds of essential oils, in response to various problems, we can provide the right energy by them to clear up the blockage of chakras then have good maintenance.

By MoZi

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All the chakra essential oils are made from the secret formula of violet twin flames(Mo Zi and Jo Jo) originally. We only hold one online-store here and you can’t find the same products elsewhere. Make sure you buy from the original store that the alignment could be accurate to the corresponding chakra.

Activate the throat chakra, allow the inner thoughts to flow smoothly, be able to see clearly what you really want to express in your mind, and be able to express it, understand other’s inner thought, can express emotions in the form of statements instead of catharsis, and improve the smooth communication with others. It can coordinate with each other to a communicable frequency, dissolve the blockage energy that cannot be said, eliminate airway obstacles, improve breathing coordination during meditation, eliminate the blockage energy of the Throat Chakra, and allow the energy to reach the Third Eye Chakra directly.


Buddha’s hand, Eucalyptus, Rose Geranium, Chamomile Roman, Cypress Blue, Ylang Ylang, Tea Tree

Suitable for:

Those who have blocked throat chakra, those who want to maintain the throat chakra, those who do not communicate well, those who need to express, those who do not understand the minds of others, those who have trouble expressing, those who are uncomfortable or sick in the respiratory tract and throat, smokers, betel nut lovers, students, speakers, teachers, lawyers, fortune-tellers, hypnotists, politicians, religiousists, singing lover, singers, entertainers, actors, businessmen, protesters, and all language workers

How to use:
  1. use candle essential oil diffuser
  2. Smear onto the throat outside.
  3. Drip on both palms then smell after rubbing
  4. Open the bottle cap and smell
  5. All the essential oils in the violet flames store can be used simultaneously and won’t be affected by each other. Suggested used: Root Chakra: Smear onto the perineum, Crown Chakra: Smear on top of the head, Third Eye Chakra: Smear between eyebrows, Throat Chakra: Smear on the throat. …etc. This method will make each chakra rotate and activate independently, and all chakras will also resonate with each other that forms the flow of Sushumna.








Q:How long does it take to clear the chakra?

A:It depends. The conditions of people’s chakras are really different. Like if you want to buy a stick to beat down a man. How long does it take to beat him down? The strength and the angle will lead to different situations so we can’t give you a precise answer. We can assure you our formula is fully designed for each chakra, and the ingredients of all the essential oils are 100% natural. There are no chemical additives in our essential oils, and also we won’t use any carrier oils to dilute them. The benefits of our essential oils are absolutely outstanding from all brands of chakra essential oils.

【Violet flames essential oils notices】:

1. The color of essential oil is the natural plants’ color after extraction, it’s normal and the beauty of nature.

2. Our formula only contains the oils tuned to the specific chakras with no carrier oil added

3. If desired, you may dilute the essential oil with jojoba oil as the carrier oil. However, we suggest smelling and/or using the oil undiluted for the purest vibrational energy for the targeted chakra.

4. Due to the natural ingredients, if sealed well, it will become more fragrant the longer it is preserved.

5. The scent of the oil may vary slightly depending on the temperature, where it is applied on the body, and the natural body odor of the individual

6. Please seal the lid immediately after use to prevent the air from interacting with the essential oil and affecting its scent.

7. Every batch of essential oil is personally made and tuned to the correct frequency by Mozi and Jojo. Because we use 100% natural essential oils, the frequency of each batch of materials is affected by the geographical climate and harvest status. Therefore, the oils must be tuned and adjusted manually to the right frequency as they are made, and cannot just be replicated based on fixed proportions. The cost and effort used to make the finishing product is incomparable to a regular machine-made essential oil.


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